Frequently Asked Questions

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Frequently Asked Questions

Have a health-related question? We have the answer. Check out these FAQs and give us a call today for more information!

What kind of services do you offer?

We combine conventional care and natural methods into our treatments, and we treat many ailments, from chronic pain to autoimmune diseases, that Idaho Falls, ID, residents experience.

Do I need a doctor's referral?

No, we are considered a primary care clinic. If you need help with any issue, including gut imbalances or chronic pain in Idaho Falls, ID, simply contact our clinic to make an appointment.

Do you accept insurance?

We accept most major insurance policies, but we recommend calling your insurance to clarify that our services are covered. Whether you want support with an autoimmune condition or need to improve your gut health in Idaho Falls, ID, our clinic will help ensure your services are covered if at all possible.

Are you a family care clinic?

Yes, we can help care for your young children, teens, and adults. If anyone in your family needs help with autoimmune or digestive issues like irritable bowel syndrome Idaho Falls, ID patients often suffer from, our clinic is here to help.

Can you help with my chronic pain?

Yes, we can. We will look at the root cause of your issues and come up with a treatment to help you. According to the CDC, high-impact chronic pain is highest among women (8.5%) and those aged 65 and over (11.8%), but it affects people from all populations. If you suffer from chronic pain in Idaho Falls, ID, contact our clinic today to get started on your treatment plan.

Can you help with digestive issues?

Yes, we can! We can do testing to determine the root cause and seek natural treatments whenever possible. IBS in Idaho Falls, ID, is too common, and we're here to help everyone have the best quality of life possible.

What kind of alternative therapies do you offer?

We offer alternative therapies for back pain, asthma, gut healing, chronic sinus issues, ear infections, and more. If you are experiencing any of the chronic pain Idaho Falls, ID patients suffer from; we have the tools to help you through it.

Can you help with my food sensitivity?

Yes, we can. We will test for your sensitivities and seek out a treatment program. This service can help if you have any type of irritable bowel syndrome that Idaho Falls, ID, patients often need treatments for.

Can you help with hormone management?

Yes, we will help diagnose the causes of your hormone imbalance and come up with a treatment to help bring them back into balance. If your hormones are related to chronic pain that Idaho Falls, ID patients experience, we can help you manage that as well.